Visualizing stuff using Augmented Reality

IKEA Place on AppStore
  1. Ability to place and remove objects in and from the real world
  2. Ability to change the size and position of placed objects
Real vs Augmented: real sofa vs 3D model of sofa through our app
Loose architecture of the App
  1. Sceneform (ARCore): This is just an easier way of using ARCore without getting into nitty-gritty details of OpenGL. It takes care of everything related to AR: identifying a plane, placing and interacting with the object, lifelike rendering and so much more. You can find list of supported devices here:
  2. Firebase: You can use any database, there is no specific reason to use Firebase other than ease of integration. This is used for everything related to data: user details, authentication, product metadata, store metadata, product images and even 3D models
  1. User logs in using his/her phone number
  2. A list of stores is populated to choose from
  3. Within each store there is a list of products along with their information
  4. User selects a product and the camera opens
  5. User points at a planar surface and moves the phone side to side for plane detection
  6. When the detection succeeds, user taps on the location where he/she wants to place the required object
  7. Now the object can be manipulated and more objects can be added/deleted
An example of the product screen




Works in the Core ML team of Goldman Sachs

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Shashank Yadav

Shashank Yadav

Works in the Core ML team of Goldman Sachs

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